Epilation is the term used to describe removal of body hair (including the root) by means of a mechanical devise such as tweezers or wax. Waxing itself is the most effective method of epilation because it removes hair completely from the hair shaft in large quantities. Although waxing is the most effective method, it is also excruciating. Women and men have been waxing for centuries. The ancient Egyptians where the epitome of beauty and self-caring. As time marched on and decades became centuries tattooing, piercing and waxing are still an art form. DeepNumb was developed to relieve the pain of many skin related procedures and make them more welcoming.

Forms of Waxing

Leg waxing
Chest waxing
Eyebrow waxing
Entire Body waxing
Bikini and Brazilian waxing

Laser Procedures

Lasers have revolutionized dermatology procedures and both plastic and cosmetic surgeries. When people first hear that a ‘laser’ will be used on a targeted area of their skin, their first question is, “Will it hurt?”   Of course the level of pain depends on the individuals’ pain threshold, but DeepNumb was specially formulated to eliminate the pain and discomfort of laser procedures. Simply apply DeepNumb topical anesthetic cream (as instructed) prior to the procedure and have no pain.

Laser Hair Removal

If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted hair, then laser hair removal may be an option worth considering. Although the procedures are painful, DeepNumb will make the thought of laser hair removal more appealing. DeepNumb contains 5% lidocaine which is the main ingredient of numbing creams. Lidocaine is an anesthetic with sedative, analgesic and various nerve blockers. It is very important to choose the perfect anesthetic cream for skin procedures. DeepNumb has been proven and trusted by people just like you who have wanted to remove unwanted hair.DeepNumb  is doctor recommended for laser hair removal, tattooing, and many other painful skin procedures.

Laser Treatments

Laser resurfacing is a procedure to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. We all like to look our best but the pain for procedures like this could be stopping you. Not anymore! With DeepNumb you will be able to sit through a resurfacing with ease. Embarrassed by those freckles but the thought of enduring the pain of removal too much for you? Don't wait another day! With DeepNumb you no longer have to worry about the painful skin procedures you've been putting off.

Unsightly warts or moles?

DeepNumb is a doctor recommended topical anesthetic cream which has been proven safe and effective with wart and mole removal. All you need to do to prepare yourself for the procedure or any skin related procedure is to apply the application as intended. Applying DeepNumb is fast and easy!

Who can benefit from Laser tattoo removal?

Anyone wishing to remove a tattoo can benefit from the various methods of removal. With DeepNumb the painful procedure is greatly reduced. Laser treatment varies from patient to patient but with DeepNumb you will be able to sit through the painful procedure with feeling nothing more than pressure. DeepNumb is highly recommended for laser tattoo removals and when applied as directed give you a pain free* procedure.