No one likes to get shots and/or injections. It can be quite painful when having procedures done such as piercings, vaccinations or even Botox injections. DeepNumb has been specially designed and manufactured to make painful injections pain free fun.*


Accessorizing with piercings is one of the oldest art forms. Piercings can be done most anywhere these days but are most commonly seen in ear lobes, nose, belly button and tongues. This form of body modification is excruciatingly painful for some people with a low tolerance for pain. One helpful way to eliminate this pain is to use DeepNumb. DeepNumb was specially formulated to numb the skin and it's receptors for a pain free procedure.*


Let's talk about beauty. Beauty regimens in this day and age are at times, obsessive. One of the most famous procedures done in dermatology clinics is called Botox. Botox has been used my plastic surgeons and dermatologists in order to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Because Botox is not a one-time kind of procedure and because it is very painful for some individuals, dermatologists require their patients to use a topical anesthetic cream before having their procedure done. DeepNumb was specifically designed to ward off painful procedures like this with one simple application. DeepNumb is a proven, doctors recommended product with effective numbing capabilities. DeepNumb consists of 5% lidocaine, which is the primary ingredient for topical anesthetic creams. It is proven to be a safe and effective form of numbing the skin for many different skin treatments and procedures. DeepNumb provides an increasingly lower level of pain which in turn makes skin procedures more tolerable by all of our return customers who use DeepNumb regularly. We stand by our product and so do our highly satisfied customers.

Minor Skin Surgeries

We all know how painful the injection is to numb you skin for any procedure. With DeepNumb you no longer have the anxiety of knowing the injection is going to 'hurt' DeepNumb was specially designed and manufactured to make painful injections pain free fun.*


Needle fear's is a major problem for people who have it. People with 'needle fear' ward themselves of flu vaccinations because of the overwhelming anxiety of that dreadful needle; Not anymore! DeepNumb was specially formulated to numb the skin and pain receptors. After DeepNumb is applied, you will not even know the needle was inserted. Simply look away and the job at hand is done before the anxiety even has time to formulate. Best of all, DeepNumb is so easy to apply.