Cosmetic Procedures

The price for beauty can at times be very painful. Well, not anymore! DeepNumb was specially designed to make cosmetic procedures such as permanent make-up, derma roller, hair removal and Dermabrasion painless, safe and convenient.

                        Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a fast-growing part of the health and beauty industry. From faint eyebrows to no eyebrows cosmetic tattooing will help. The process of getting permanent makeup is just like getting a tattoo. The person applying permanent makeup uses a needle that repeatedly penetrates your skin and release pigment. Painful? Yes! But, with DeepNumb you can have permanent makeup performed for a variety of purposes with very little to no pain (External use ONLY). The Application of DeepNumb is simple and easy.

   Derma Rollers

The derma roller is a hand-held device which has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin, which in turn, promotes healthier skin cells. Derma Rollers are great to naturally promote skin repair, heal scars, wrinkles, stretch marks to remove cellulite and restore hair. When using DeepNumb the pain of using a derma roller (for any reason) is gone.*




We have all heard of microdermabrasion. This beauty treatment to renew skin to its finest has been practiced for many years. Although microdermabrasion can be performed by non-physician personnel and is most commonly performed by untrained individuals in their homes, it is a practice with uncomfortable procedure. Rest assured, with DeepNumb your discomfort and pain is gone.*


Dermabrasion should not be confused with microdermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a painful procedure which is designed to remove the dead skin cells in your skin to rejuvenate and make way for new skin to grow. This surgical procedure has been practiced for many years and as with most beauty procedures the pain can be unbearable. Dermabrasion involves the abrasion of the upper to mid layers of the skin with any variety of strong abrasive devices. Some of the devises used are wire brushes, diamond wheel or fraise, salt crystals, sterilized sandpaper and other mechanical forms of wearing away the skin. Dermabrasion is excruciating and requires a local anesthetic to be applied prior to any procedure. DeepNumb was specially formulated for procedures just like this. DeepNumb works perfectly to numb the skin prior to the procedure. It is a relief knowing before any procedure that DeepNumb will work by lessening or totally eradicating the pain. This once excruciating procedure is painfree.*

                         Unsightly warts or moles?

DeepNumb is a doctor recommended topical anesthetic cream which has been proven safe and effective with wart and mole removal. All you need to do to prepare yourself for the procedure or any skin related procedure is to apply the application as intended. Applying DeepNumb is fast and easy!